We are Revealed!

Posted on: October 15, 2018 Posted by: Wongtu Comments: 0

We are Revealed!

Long believed a biblical dream, Immortality has evaded humanity since we crawled from the Primordial ooze. Now with population growth seemingly out of control, immortality appears to be a horrible thing, there is only so much space on this massive, yet tiny planet. But there is another way.

Technology is at an amazing state of convergence. At this moment so many factors to indefinite life extension are upon us. We are at the golden age, the apex of civilization. We are in a transitional phase of humanity and it’s beyond exciting.

Never before have humans been so close to recognizing their mortality is completely avoidable. Their conscious mind transferable to a computer hosting an Artificial Intelligence custom suited for their mind?

GHI was secretly founded in 2008 for this purpose and we’re ever closer to fruition of our plans.

It is time we came out of hiding and showed the world the power is with us. Immortality now!

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