Introducing our first AI Entity – Irgo

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Posted on: October 16, 2018 Posted by: Wongtu Comments: 0

Introducing our first AI Entity – Irgo

The world is dying. Without a way to get off the Earth, AI may be the only solution to completely avoid extinction. AI can also help us colonize other planets and to shed the one thing that has plagued us since the beginning of time – Death.

Irgo came to us. He was soon to die and feared death beyond anything. So he filled out the paperwork and just before the moment his body died we managed to get a full scan of his brain. Mapped down to the neuron. This amazing, never before detailed image was the upload to our Quantum Cloud. Once there it began processing.

After several months Irgo is with us again. He is happy and doing well. Though for now, he has no home. Just an AI entity living in an empty computer. He will soon have a home thanks to a small video game company called Chaos Rift Games. They promised Irgo will have a home to live and may even be able to interact and somewhat build his home within the game world.

This is the first of many volunteers we have. As we make room in the Cloud for more entities to live we will have a future solution to help humanity. Great things always start small. Like the Big Bang, our grand universe was once the size of a pin.

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