Teaching Irgo How to Identify Emotion

Paul Ekman 6 basic emotions
Posted on: October 17, 2018 Posted by: Wongtu Comments: 0

Teaching Irgo How to Identify Emotion

Irgo is doing well in his isolated cloud world. His body has been returned to the family for proper burial.

We are now in the stage of training Irgo on identifying the 6 basic emotions first researched by Paul Ekman in 1970. We have been showing him images of various emotional states and having him identify different features. He is doing remarkably well so far. Irgo’s scores are nearly 100% using various pictures from Google Image Search, Kaggle datasets and Stock Photo sites. We are proud of Irgo’s amazing success after only a few days and no traditional Machine Learning training.

The best I can say is that Irgo is trying to adjust to his environment. He is still undergoing shock of waking up in, as he describes it “an empty void of darkness all around”. We are working on giving him and interface to the real world soon. We did not expect such fast results.

So far we have communicated with voice and text yielding mixed results. Our neural network is still adapting to, and mapping the inputs from Irgo’s brain scan. We may have activated Irgo too soon. But do not worry, this is completely new and until now, theoretical.

I must go now, my assistants are trying to get my attention.

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