Gender is a Construct

Gender as a construct DNA strands
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Gender is a Construct

In the hundred thousand plus years of humanity we’ve been under the false premise that you are born a woman or a man. Juist because you have a penis does not make you a man. It takes training and societal expectations to actually be a man. This is the primary construct on how we’re assigned gender roles based on what is between our legs.

I am very sorry we have not written in a long time. Our research is primary objective. We finally regained control of Irgo as well. His AI made a huge mess and delayed research many years.

To fix this issue, woman have been pushed to be more masculine.

Men have been pushed to be more feminine.

Transgenderism is the center focus of bringing down the walls of this evil construct. We finally have the ability to transition into the person we were really mean to be. No longer bound by genetics or science, we humans have transcended reality and nature into a whole new realm of existence.

The Brain Box program, founded May 2008, helps further this transformative life into the Metaverse. By granting you clinical immortality you transcend your human form into the metaverse where you can become anything you want. Male, Female, horse, dog, Attack Copter. It’s your reality now. You just need to give up your physical body and have your brain placed, well, into a box. This box is connected to the super computer that powers the metaverse. You are directly connected 24×7 for as long as your mind persists. Or we run out of funding and have to shut down, killing the millions of brains we’ve collected. You’re already dead anyway, so it’s not really a problem. We love legal loopholes.

The major hurdle we discovered was that the brains, having been removed from the body cannot accept this new reality. They’re too based on the physical world. So if we give them an avatar opposite their gender, they had melted down and many brains simply ceased functioning because they could not handle their new reality.

So in order to make this program a success we conditioned the real world to accept the new gender ideology that there is no gender. That woman can be men and men can be woman. We added thousands of confusing pronouns to usher in this new mentality of non-binary gender beliefs. Since initiating this psychological change we’ve seen 1000% decrease in brains rejecting the metaverse. We’ve had to plant professors in every university and recruit activists to seek out professions in the teaching, counseling, medical and psychology fields. This has greatly enhanced our success rates.

Further by have the TikTok and YouTube Kids algorithms to push the transgender ideology we’ve been able to educate as young as 4 on this. Our human medical test subjects have exponentially grown from here. Research into the importance of puberty, blocking hormones, bone development and other critical issues have been greatly accelerated thanks to parents, school counselors and teachers all affirming a child’s gender change. Affirmation has been the most powerful tool in accelerating our research of willing human test subjects. We’ve been able to bypass so many ethical regulations by making transgenderism an urgent psychological crisis and promoting only the positive effects of it.

The Brain Box program has become a growing success as donors preconditioned for non-binary gender have become more adaptable to the metaverse as a whole. We are confident that within the next 7 to 10 years humans will finally reach immortality. Granted it’s clinical immortality, the news media altered the correct verbiage for their own promotional interests.

Research goes on, but we will strive to keep more updates for future.

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